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Cultivated by a director who subscribed to Blue Sky Studios, Carlos Sadanha (Rio), the story of Ferdinand was centered in the land of Matador, Spain. Ferdinand (voiced by John Cena) is a bull who loves flowers and hates violence. After his father did not return from the arena of battle in Madrid, he escaped from Casa del Toros. Since then, Ferdinand lives with Juan (Juanes) and his daughter Nina (Lily Day).

Unfortunately, one day his peaceful life changed after he accidentally caused chaos in the city. Regarded as a dangerous animal, Ferdinand was taken to the place he avoided most, the bull training arena, Casa del Toros. Determined to want to go back home, he also planned a runaway assisted goat named Lupe (Kate Mc Kinnon) and a trio of Hedgehogs; Uno, Dos, Cuatro (Gina Rodriguez, Daveed Diggs and Gabriel Iglesias).

Having a big but kind hearted protagonist, Ferdinand’s character is certainly very easy to be liked by children and adults alike. Although it raises the classic story, but what is experienced by its main character, Ferdinand who was born as a bull but anti-violence can be said to be still relevant today.

This contradictory nature, inevitably makes it a mockery by other bulls. This is similar to what someone experiences when they are not in accordance with the ‘ideal’ standards in society.

Ferdinand’s character can also be considered a resistance to the notion that being strong is not afraid to commit violence. Even though Ferdinand did not want to fight and love flowers, he was able to show that he was the strongest of all the bulls that existed with his kindness.

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